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Jewelry Store POS Point of Sale System

ARBA Retail Systems offers an easy to use POS Point of Sale System which is ideal for managing all aspects of your Jewelry Store business. The ARBA Jewelry POS System is designed to quickly bill customers at the Point of Sales and seamlessly manage your inventory, purchasing, receiving, customer management, vendor management, reporting and much more! All of this comes in a package that is easy to use, easy to learn and simple to maintain.

ARBA Jewelry POS software and hardware is designed to help increase customer satisfaction by reducing the amount of time they spend waiting in line at your cash register. Inventory is updated in real time as items are sold at the cash register, and as new stock is purchased. This lets you know exactly what you have on hand, so that you make better buying and pricing decisions. POS system scanning will use manufacturerís bar codes or system-assigned code numbers, giving you the flexibility to make the system work for you. .

The ARBA Jewelry POS System lets you run your Jewelry store with a toolbox of reports and utilities that give you the information you need to make informed decisions. The system provides detailed sales, inventory and financial information to let you track quantities on hand, know how much youíve sold, and determine what you need to reorder. ARBA Jewelry POS System also identifies you aging inventory, so you know which items must move so that room is made for newer items. ARBA even shows you the current value of your inventory, inventory turnover, and profit margin by product and by vendor. .

The Customer management feature of ARBA helps you manage special promotions and marketing programs. The system tracks customer buying preferences, so you will be able to tailor your merchandise mix and keep your customers coming back to your store again and again. .

ARBA also helps you reduce theft through security tracking. Every transaction performed is recorded, providing both register security and employee sales tracking. The information on ARBA price tags provides additional security, giving you and your employees at-a-glance information that can help prevent price switching. .

Your ARBA POS system includes POS software, an all-in-one PC-Based touch screen cash register, integrated cash drawer, receipt printer and bar code scanner. Optional credit card processing is available with credit card processing software and a built in magnetic stripe reader for authorization. .

ARBA Jewelry Store POS System will help you increase revenue, increase profit, and save valuable time!